USS Revenge
Scott Class square rig steamer DD
Seen Firestorm
Status Sunk
Type Scott Class square rig steamer DD
Loyalty USN
People Pruit Barry commanding

WARNING Spoilers through Firestorm

USS Revenge was named for the Revenge that was lost to the Grik Grand Swarm Fleet in Crusade. She was a Scott Class square rig steamer of 1,800 tons with a length of 210 feet and a beam of forty feet. Her armament was twenty fifty pound guns ten per side. Her complement was 260 officers and men.

Firestorm: Edit

Her commanding officer was Pruit Barry. She and USS Tolson are USS Donaghey both other ships are sail only DDs. Donaghey was late due to a rescue mission to retrieve Santa Catalina.

Off Ceylon the fleet encounters a group of Grik ships, as they get closer the Grik are apparently surrendering, but are chumming the sea for dangerous sea life, when the ships Tolson and Donaghey get close they explode badly damaging Donaghey and even more severely damaging Tolson. USS Revenge takes Tolson under tow, and Tolson then takes Donaghey under tow. During the tow one of the monster sharks of the alternate world strikes at USS Revenge's bright spinning prop causing severe damage in her stern causing her to sink by the stern [Fs Pb. p. 21-24]. Her crew is taken aboard the other two ships. Later Donaghey goes aground, but will be salvaged but, Tolson breaks up in the surf. See full story in the first part of Firestorm.

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