Warning Spoilers through Straits of Hell.
USS Respite Island
Seen Storm Surge
Deadly Shores
Mentioned Straits of Hell
Status Sunk
Type Self Propelled Drydock
Loyalty USN
People Winny Rominger
USS Respite Island (SPD-1) was a Self Propelled Drydock.

In Storm Surge Respite Island takes Chack's Rangers, Motor Torpedo Boat Squadron # 1 (MTB Ron-1), the float equipped P-40, and supplies to Diego Garcia or Laa-Laanti. She is used to Repair SMS Amerika.

USS Respite Island SPD-1

In Deadly Shores Repite Island leaves Laa-Laanti with Second Fleet South, she and USS Naga were sunk by a League of Tripoli Submarine, "Surcouf or one of her class," was identified by Matthew Reddy shortly after USS Walker sank her. This incident is mentioned in Straits of Hell.

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