Warning Devil's Due Spoilers.
USS Raan-Goon
Mentioned Devil's Due
Status Afloat
Type Baalkpan Bay Class CV
Loyalty American Navy Clan
RS Baalkpan Bay class CV

Recognition silhouette image from Blood in the Water.

USS Raan-Goon (CV-7) is a Baalkpan Bay Class CV of Second Fleet Note the three new carriers all painted in Dazzle. “Second of group of 4 smaller fleet carrier/sea plane tender (850’x150’ 9,00 Tons).  Faster (up to 15 knots) and lightly armed (4 x Baalkpan Arsenal 4”/50 DP guns,-two amidships, one each forward and aft).  Can carry as many aircraft as Maaka-Kakja [80 planes some in crates, 472].”