USS Garan-Erris
Seen Blood in the Water
Status Presumed sunk.
Type Copy of USS Walker a DD
Loyalty US Navy Clan
People Commander Cablaas-Rag-Lan commanding.
Flag of of United States (WW II) 48 stars

Flag of the American Navy Clan, US 48 star flag, from Wikipedia.

RS USS Geran-Eras

From Allied Recognition Silhouettes in Blood in the Water of USS Walker, reversed so bow points to the right. (C) Taylor Anderson

USS Garan-Erris (DD-23) named for Geran-Eras new Walker clone the second steel ship built by the alliance. [BITW Hb. p. 88] Commander Cablaas-Rag-Lan Commanding. Presumed sunk in Kurokawa's attack.

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