WARNING Devil's Due Spoilers.
USS Fitzhugh Gray
Seen Devil's Due
Status still working up
Type CL or light crusier
Loyalty American Navy Clan
People Commander Toryu Miyata Captain
Dazle USS Fitzhugh Gray CL 1

CL-1 Fitshugh Gray is in the Dazzle paint scheme.

New Alliance CL USS Grey by Lou Schirmer aka Loupy

New Alliance CL USS Grey by Lou Schirmer aka Loupy.

USS Fitzhugh Gray CL-1 has a Length 440 feet Beam 45 feet.  Fitted with 3 x Walker power plants, with 8 x Walker style boilers giving a maximum speed or about 28 knots.  Armament 3 x twin 5.5” two on the bow one on the rear deck house.  5 x 4inch/50 DP guns  “Ordinary–looking DP 4”-50s on either beam atop the amidships deck house,  Another pair in tubs behind the quad torpedo mounts flanking the aft two funnels,  A tall crane with a spotlight platform on top just behind the fourth funnel. Two seaplanes catapults then the third 5.5” dual mount in a protected mount (tub and splinter guard?)  The last of the five 4”-50 DP guns is between the twin depth charge racks.  Anti air is twelve dual .50 cal. Browning MGs in tub mounts (ie 6)

Captain Commander Toryu Miyata who Joined US Navy Clan after SMS Amerika was sunk, and the only officer with recent experience on a cruiser, INJ Amagi.