USS Felts
Haaker-Faask Class square rig steamer DD
Seen Firestorm
Iron Gray Sea
Type Haaker-Faask Class Destroyer (DD)

Warning spoilers'' through Iron Gray Sea.

USS Felts is a Haaker-Fask Class Destroyer. Named for Tom Felts of Walker's ordnance division [C. Pb. p 149] from Arkansas who died in the Battle of Ayral [C. Pb. p. 169].

The USS Felts the DD should not be confused with USS Felts the DE that fought off a Grik attack at Tarakan Island and was fired by her captain to prevent capture during the battle.

Participated in the First Battle of Madras. With USS Clark she rescued the survivors USS Davis First Fleet Sunk during the First battle of Madras January 19, 1944 [Fs Pb p. 349].

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