Warning Spoilers through Straits of Hell.

Tony Scott
Rank Coxswain
King of Khnashi
Service USN
Seen Into the Storm
Storm Surge
Straits of Hell
Mentioned Blood in the Water
Species Human
Gender Male
Status Living
Job Coxswain

Tony Scott was a coxswain assigned to USS Walker. He had loved the water all his life.

Key EventsEdit

Into the StormEdit

After Walker arrived in the alternate Earth, Scott became uncomfortable when near the water. The discovery of man eating fishes and other beasts in the water made him even more uncomfortable. He was assigned to the boarding party in the fight against a Grik vessel. He feared crossing the gap between Walker and the target. When he saw that Lieutenant Sandra Tucker had fallen into the sea, he overcame his fear and jumped into the water to save her life. He then moved on to continue his work in the fight on the enemy vessel.


Scott was sent back to Baalkpan to recover his confidence. He transported oil workers upriver to the oil rig. When he arrived, he inspected the well head. At that point he was attacked and killed—and probably eaten—by a large unidentified animal.

Storm SurgeEdit

During the mission to scout the northern areas of Borno, Dennis Silva and several others discover a tribe of wild humans and Grik-like creatures. When presented to the tribe's king, Silva is surprised to find Scott alive and well. Scott was rescued by the tribe after being attacked and left for dead by the superlizard.