Warning Straits of Hell Spoiler.
Task Force Jarrik
Haaker-Faask Class square rig steamer DD
Loyalty Grand Alliance
Service Navy
Type Task Force
Superior Unit First Fleet South
Members Captain Jarrik-Fas commanding
Lieutenant Stanly Raj Jarrik's XO
Lt.Comdr. Niaal-Ras-Kavaat commanding Haaker-Faask.
Seen Straits of Hell
Task Force Jarrik under command of Captain Jarrik-Fas consisted of two ships, Jarrik's own USS Tassat and USS Haaker-Faask Lt.Comdr. Niaal-Ras-Kavaat commanding. Both ships were Haaker-Faask class DDs. Left to keep an eye on the Southern approach while USS Walker and First Fleet South attacked a large group of ships in the Seychelles thought to be the main Grik Invasion fleet. On September 17, 1944 Tassat's Nancy reported a large invasion fleet showing the Seychelles was a ruse. General/Queen Protector Safir Maraan dispatches what armed transports were in Grik City to join the Task Force with orders to attempt to ground as many ships as possible on the shore south of Grik City. The Task Force manged to do it's job, but when the smoke clears only one armed transport and a dis-masted USS Tassat were all that remained afloat.

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