Warning Blood in the Water Spoilers.
TF Alden
Loyalty Grand Alliance
Service Army, Navy, Air Force
Type TF Task Force
Superior Unit Second Fleet
Members Pete Alden Ben Mallory
Seen Blood in the Water
Allied recognition list

"Allied Recognition Silhouettes" from Blood in the Water (C) Taylor Anderson used with permission.

TF Alden the Second convoy from Madras was commanded by General Pete Alden. it was attacked by aircraft of Kurokawa's fleet in the Battle of Second Madras Convoy with great loss of life.

It consited of, note lined through ships sunk:

  • One "Baalkpan Bay" -class fleet carrier - USS Baalkpan Bay CV-5
  • One self-propelled dry dock/supply ship - USS Tarakaan Island
  • One "Andamaan"-class protected seaplane tender - USS Andamaan
  • One "Sular"-class armored troop transport - USS Sular
  • Two "Wickes Mk.II"-class destroyers - USS James Ellis, USS Garan-Erris
  • Twelve steam frigates - USS Bowles, USS Saak-Fas, USS Clark. rest unknown. A number lost.
  • "Dozens" of sail&steam oilers, transports and auxilaries - names unknown. Almost a half lost.
  • About a hundred of airplanes, including eight P-40E fighter-bombers, P-1C "Mosquito Hawk" fighters, PB-1B "Nancy" seaplane light bombers, and eight PB-5D "Clipper" seaplane bombers. Majority lost.
  • Tens of thousands of troops. Many lost.

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