Warning Straits of Hell Spoiler.
Seen Straits of Hell
Blood in the Water
Type City Former and again capital of the Grik Empire
Location On the Zambezi River
Inhabitants Celestial Mother II, The Chooser, and General Esshk
Grik Empire Map

Map from Blood in the Water showing the location of Sofesshk. Click on (i) then full resolution then use magnifier icon to enlarge.

Sofesshk is the ancient capital of the Grik Empire, and is again the capital after the loss of the Celestial City [Grik City]. Located on the north bank of the Zambezi River. It's ancient palace of the Celestial Mother is called The Palace of Vanished Gods.

Located on the coast of a great inland lake Sofesshk is massive and is estimated to have a population of a million. The architecture of Sofesshk is also notable for being of higher quality than the ramshackle adobe structures found in most Grik cities.

Map of Zambezi River drainage

Modern map of the Zambezi River's drainage, Sofesshk is on the north bank how far upriver is not known. Click on (i) then full resolution then use magnifier icon to enlarge.

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