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Shogunate of Yokohama
Key Characters Sato Okado
Vessels Mizuki Maru
Shogunate of Yokohama
Seen Firestorm
Iron Gray Sea
Allies Grand Alliance
Enemies Japanese

Key EventsEdit

The Shogunate of Yokohama is a small Shogunate set up where Yokohama, Japan should've been. It was set up by Sato Okada, Lt. Hiro, and a few other former crew members of the battle-cruiser Amagi, who deserted and surrendered when their ship was sinking beneath them in the Battle of Baalkpan. They set up a traditional Shogunate, headed by Lord Okada as the Shogun, and the Lemurians that joined them accepted the traditional Japanese government. Many of the Middle Class 'Cats became samurai with "traditional" armor and weapons.

In the beginning of Firestorm, Okada arrives in Maa-ni-la with a transport from the "old" Earth, Mizuki Maru. The Mizuki Maru was a POW transport ship with American, Dutch, Aussie, and British troops aboard her. According to what Okada told to Saan-Kakja, child ruler of the Filpin Lands, the Mizuki Maru landed at one of his coastal villages and, the crew finding out, they weren't "home", they wiped it out. Okada had somehow managed to capture her and steam her back to Maa-ni-la and unload her surviving captives, including Captain Reddy's cousin, Orrin. Okada was then granted several unused secondary weapons still left over from Amagi. They were installed on the Mizuki Maru, and he sailed away, claiming that another Japanese ship had come through the squall, the destroyer Hidoiame and a tanker full of oil. At the end of Firestorm, Mizuki receives a message from Hidoiame trekking them to rendezvous.

Iron Gray SeaEdit

Mizuki Maru is sunk with all hands, including Okada, in the Prologue. The Shogunate still exist, hovewer, and indirectly mentioned in other books, mainly as the refugee for the japanese that surrendered to the Alliance.

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