Warning Storm Surge Spoilers.
Second Battle of Madras
Date June 7, 1944
Location Madras
Victor Grand Alliance
Seen Storm Surge
Allies Grand Alliance
Enemy Grik
The Second Battle of Madras begins when General Pete Alden's encircled force about Lake Flynn attack General Halik's Grik Army. Later that morning Colonel Ben Mallory and his 3rd Pursuit Squadron of P-40Es bomb the Grik Fleet's Arata Amagi Class Battleships anchored at Madras. Followed by Aircraft from USNRS Arracca (CV-3) and USS Baalkpan Bay (CV-5) bombing and strafing other ships of the fleet and Madras. Task Force Ellis enters the fight toe to toe with the remaining Grik Battleships.

Generals Alden and General Halik negotiate the first ever Grik-American/Lemurian truce to preserve their armies.

That night Hisashi Kurokawa escapes aboard Nachi with four Battleships and two other Azuma Class Grik Cruisers. They again badly maul USS Santa Catalina and ram S-19. They are intercepted by USS Walker and USS Mahan, all four Battleships are sunk, but Mahan is badly damaged by one of Walker's torpedoes.

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