Warning Spoilers through Straits of Hell.
Second Battle of Grik City
Date Septermber 17, 1944
Location Grik City or Celestial City to the Grik
Victor Grand Alliance
Seen Straits of Hell
Allies II Corps
Enemy Grik under Ragak
The Second Battle of Grik City September 17, 1944 started when Task Force Jarrik spotted the Grik Fleet under General/Regent Consort Ragak. TF Jarrik had been left to keep an eye on the Southern approach while USS Walker and First Fleet South attacked a large group of ships in the Seychelles thought to be the main Grik Invasion fleet. On September 17, 1944 Tassat's Nancy reported a large invasion fleet showing the Seychelles was a ruse. General/Queen Protector Safir Maraan dispatches what armed transports were in Grik City to join the Task Force with orders to attempt to ground as many ships as possible on the shore south of Grik City. Although many were beached the majority rounded the tip of Madagascar to land on the same beaches the Allies had in the First Battle of Grik City. Walker arrived before the landings commenced and began sinking Grik Indiamen including Ragak's white ship the Giorsh. Walker suffers a steering casualty and sends as many crewmen as possible to aid Risa-Sab-At's defence of the Wall of Trees.

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