The Lemurians once lived on an island on the far side of the Western Ocean. Some fished and eventually a group was cast ashore on land to the west of their island. The Grik lived there. Adar pointed out the island on a chart which was one of the scrolls and the Americans recognized it as Madagascar. The Grik built boats that copied those of the Lemurians and invaded the island. At first the Grik did poorly, but they kept coming. After generations, the battle for their paradise was being lost and the Lemurians built the huge ships they called homes. They fled eastward and mostly lived on the huge floating homes.

In time, three ships arrived by a mysterious means carrying "tailless ones". One of the tailless ones, the "Salig-Maa-Stir" (sailing master), teaches the Lemurians about the world, draws maps and charts, and teaches the Lemurians how to speak and write Latin. The Lemurians also learned that the tailless ones were from a land far to the west of the home of the Grik and that they were already aware of the Grik before they encountered the Lemurians. One of the vessels of the tailless ones departed to the west to try to return home. The other two vessels departed into the Eastern Sea. None of the tailless ones were seen again. The sailing master left behind a compass engraved "H.E.I.C." (Honorable East India Company).

When the Grik appeared out of the Western Ocean, they sailed vessels modeled after the East Indiamen of the Honorable East India Company.

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