Warning Spoilers through Straits of Hell.

Sandra Tucker
Rank Nurse Lieutenant
Service US Navy
Seen Into the Storm
Distant Thunders
Rising Tides
Iron Gray Sea
Storm Surge
Deadly Shores
Straits of Hell
Species Human
Gender Female
Status Living
Relationships Matthew Reddy, husband
Job Nurse
Minister of Medicine

Sandra Tucker was a passenger on USS Walker. She was the senior member of a group of six nurses. When the vessel was in a running fight with the Japanese, Lieutenant Commander Matthew Reddy ordered her and her subordinate nurses to report to the ship's surgeon. The surgeon and one of the nurses was killed in the battle. After Walker transited to the alternate Earth, Reddy appointed Sandra as chief of the medical department.

She is from Virginia. When she marries Captain Reddy she gives her father's name "Malcolm C. Tucker, a Norfork industrialist" [I.G.S. Pb. 98].

Key Events Edit

Into the Storm Edit

Crusade Edit

Maelstrom Edit

Distant Thunders Edit

Rising Tides Edit

Firestorm Edit

Iron Gray Sea Edit

Storm Surge Edit

Subordinate nursesEdit

  • Karen Theimer
  • Pam Cross
  • Beth Grizzel (presumed deceased, she was with Kaufman when party captured by Grik)
  • Kathy McCoy
  • Ensign Ranell (deceased)

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