Salissa Silhouette
Seen Into the Storm
Distant Thunders
Rising Tides
Type Home
Loyalty Lemurians
Grand Alliance
People Keje-Fris-Ar

Salissa ("Big Sal" to the Americans) was a combination vessel, home and nation. It and vessels like it were referred to by the Lemurians as "homes." The vessel was converted to a carrier/seaplane tender and commissioned as USNR Salissa (CV-1).

Key EventsEdit

Into the StormEdit



Distant ThundersEdit

Rising TidesEdit

CV-1 Salissa 'Big Sal'


USNRS Salissa CV-1

Big Sal after repairs of damage of First Battle of Madras. Single screw powered by triple expansion steam engine.  Weight 13,00 tons, length 1,009 feet, width 200 feet.  Armament 2 X 5.5" 2 X 4.7" 4 X 25mm AA twin mounts. 20 X 50 pounders, 50 aircraft.  Look for the Nancys and Mosquito Hawks.  For larger view

Salissa was badly damaged during the first battle of Madras by Grik Zeppelin released suicide bombs.

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