Nickname AKA sailing master James Silas McClain
Rank Sailing Master
Service H.E.I.C.
Mentioned Into the Storm and beyond.
Species Human
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Relationships Teacher of Siska-Ta
Job Sailing master of Master of H.E.I.C ship Hermione. Later he helped to found the Empire of New Britain Isles.

Salig-Maa-Stir is the Lemurian name of the original James Silas McClain who taught Siska-Ta Latin, celestial navigation, and elements of Christianity that she incorporated into the Sky Priest religion of the Lemurians of the Sea. The Sailing Master of H.E.I.C ship Hermione that with two other ships transferred to the Destroyermen's world in the early 1700s. A friend to the Lemurians he went on to help found the Empire of New Britain Isles. [ItS pb. p. 247-249]

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