Allied Forces Edit

Name Rank/Rating Service Position Assignment Race
Harrison Reed Director HNBC Human
former Sky Priest of the Salissa, High Chief of Baalkpan, Chairman of the Grand Alliance, Baalkpan
Captain, Flag Captain of the Salissa, 1st Fleet
Sister Audry
Catholic nun, marooned with the princess
Carl Bashear
USN Chief Bosun's Mate, USS Walker, 2nd AEF
Marine Lieutenant, Santa Catalina recovery expedition
Courtney Bradford
Allied Forces Minister of Science, attached to the USS Walker, 2nd AEF
Sonny Campeti
USN ??, Gunnery Officer on the USS Walker, 2nd AEF
Russ Chapelle
USN Lieutenant Commander, CO of the Tolson, head of the Santa Catalina recovery expedition
Abel Cook
USN Midshipman, marooned with the princess
Greg Garrett
USN Captain, CO of the Donaghey, formerly the Walker's gunnery officer, 1st AEF
Fitzhugh Gray
USN Chief Bosun's Mate, Bosun of the USS Walker, Matthew Reddy's chief armsman, 2nd AEF
Ensign, Co-pilot of the USS Walker's Nancy, 2nd AEF
Dean Laney
USN Machinist Mate, Allied Forces Minister of Heavy Industry, Santa Catalina recovery expedition
Irwin Laumer
USN Lieutenant, leading the S-19 recovery effort
Mark Leedom
USN Lieutenant, former pig boat puke, pilot
Captain, former commander of the USS Simms, marooned with the princess
Alan Letts

Kathy McCoy
USN Nurse Lieutenant, chief medical officer of the Salissa, 2nd AEF
Brad McFarlane (Spanky)
USN Lieutenant Commander, Allied Forces Minister of Naval Engineering, USS Walker's engineering lieutenant, 2nd AEF
Lord General of Aryaal, 1st AEF
Sandy Newman
USN Lieutenant, XO of the Salissa, 1st Fleet
Fred Reynolds
USN Ensign, Pilot of the USS Walker's scout plane, 2nd AEF
Marine Captain on the Salissa, 1st Fleet
Saama-Kera (Sammy)
Bosun's Mate, Santa Catalina recovery expedition
High Chief of Ma-ni-la and Borno
Safir Maraan
Queen Protector of B'mbaado, General, 1st AEF
Nurse lieutenant, medical officer of the USS Walker (Keje-Fris-Ar's daughter), 2nd AEF
Tomatsu Shinya
IJN Lieutenant, Colonel
Siska-Kor (Cisco)
Ensign, Jis-Tikkar's co-pilot, 1st Fleet
Dennis Silva
USN Chief Gunner's Mate, bad-ass, marooned with the princess
Frankie Steele
USN Lieutenant, XO of the USS Walker, 2nd AEF
'Tabby' Tab-At
Chief of Boiler Division, USS Walker, member of the Mice, 2nd AEF

Imperials Edit

Stuart Brassy
ImpNav Midshipman, marooned with the princess
ImpNav Commodore Jenks' executive officer, 2nd AEF
ImpNav Carpenter, formerly of the Ajax, marooned with the princess
Harvey Jenks
ImpNav Commodore, CO of the princess' rescue expedition, 2nd AEF
Lawrence the Lizard
Tagranesi servant of Princess Rebecca, marooned with her
Rebecca Anne McDonald
Princess of the New Britain Islands, marooned on Yap Island
ImpNav Captain, formerly CO of the Ajax, marooned with the princess

Griks and Japanese Edit

Grik First General of Grik Army, big bad
Grik General, commanding the defense of Ceylon
Hisashi Kurokawa
IJN Captain, Grik General of the Sea, big bad
Grik Vice Regent of Ceylon-India
Grik Regent of Ceylon-India
Orochi Niwa
IJN Lieutenant (SNLF), Grik General of Hunters, XO to Halik

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