Warning Spoilers through Straits of Hell.
Flag of Regimento de Redentores
Regimental Flag based on the description in Straits of Hell hardback page 319.
Loyalty Empire of New Britain Isles
Service Army
Type Regiment
Superior Unit Army of the Sisters
Members Sister Audry, commander
Coronel Arano Garcia
Teniente Pascal
Subordinate Units 1st Battalion
2nd Battalion
3rd Battlion
Seen Deadly Shores, but not named
Straits of Hell

The Redentores full name is El Vengadores de Deios Regimento de Redentores, often shortened to just Regimento de Redentores or even just Redentores in the books. It was formed of former Holy Dominion Slavdores. captured in the New Britain Isles gathered by Dom teniente of Slavdore Arano Garcia later commanded by Sister Audry.

In Straits of Hell the Redentores land at Porto Viejo and with the 1st Maa-ni-la Regiment leaves the mess at the port to rush to Fort Defiance some sixty miles to the east. After fighting Holy Dominion Lancers only half of each regiment arrives at the fort, and commanded by Sargent Koratin of the Redentores they attack the Army of God from the flank causing the Army of God to rout breaking the Siege of Fort Defiance.

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