The Immortal DC301 (2)

Insignia-Nose Art for First Purpose

Built (ground based) Alliance Cargo Airplane

“On the assembly line one plane is very much like another.

But once a plane gets into the air with a fighting crew aboard,

some-thing happens; a change takes place.

To airmen the ship becomes a “She.”

To them, feeling the quiver of power in her frame and the lift

as she takes the air, she seems alive, real, one with themselves---

almost able to think and feel as they do---certainly able, like themselves, 

to surpass her best in an emergency.

They give her a name. And immediately she begins to collect a Personalty

around that name. When, as so often happens, she brings them safely

through a tight spot, they pat her affectionately, as one would pat a faithful

horse. They exult in her feats of arms, boast of her speed, endurance,

carrying power, adorn her with painted Swastikas or Rising Sun flags to show

how many enemies she has destroyed.

So it often happens that a plane acquires a reputation, even a measure

of fame in the stories airmen swap in the ready rooms of far off

Flying airfields”  - Excerpted from  “In the Eyes of the Flyers”

Note: there are currently no land based transports in the Alliance inventory in the books. The following sea planes constitute the "Trash Hullers" of the Alliance; the three engine PB-2 Buzzard, the four engine PB-5 Clipper in various models through "D."


Current List: Edit

Heavenly Approach

Manna from Heaven

Seepytime Gal

Skirt Chase(Her)

Quick Turn Around Artist

Way- Laid Adventuress

Target of Opportunity

Touch & Go Performer

Taxiing into Position

Right Angel of Attack

“Attention” Gett(Her)

Debriefing Session

Selector Witch

Built for Success

Fancy Being Her(e)

“Buzzard” Joe’s Trash Hauling Service

Then there's "Buzzard" Joe's Trash Hauling Service, "Buzzard" Joe being a PB-2 Buzzard pilot, wink, Pokermind.

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