Warning Spoilers through Straits of Hell.
Seen Deadly Shores
Straits of Hell
Status Afloat
Type Motor Torpedo Boat (MTB)
Loyalty USN
People Lt. Cmdr. Irwin Laumer, commander
Ensign Nathaniel Hardee, XO then commander
PT-7 also known as "The Seven Boat" or "Lukcy Seven" is one of five surviving MTBs of MTB-Ron-1 (Motor Torpedo Boat Squadron #1).

In Deadly Shores after the loss of most of the squadron and the loss of Winny Rominger when USS Respite Island is sunk Lt. Cmdr. Irwin Laumer takes command of the seven surviving PTs. Laumer commands PT-7 with Ensign Nathaniel Hardee as his XO. The PTs along with USS Walker torpedo Grik Battleships and Cruisers in the opening phase of the First Battle of Grik City. Laumer brings reinforsements to the beached Walker and transports the party to kill or capture the Celestial Mother, leaving Ensign Hardee in command of PT-7. Laumer joined the party taking command, but was killed in the throne room.

In Straits of Hell PT-7 under Ensign Hardee is assigned to transport the mission to contact the native Madagascar Lemurians under the command of Chack-Sab-At. While PT-7 was tied up to a tree in the Mangoro River riding out a storm, Sergeant McGinnis' mutalated corpse was found displayed on shore.

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