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PB-5 'Clipper' by Taylor Anderson

PB-5 Clipper by author Taylor Anderson used with permission.

The PB-5 'Clipper' is a large transport/patrol/bomber used by the Alliance. It is basically an upgraded version of the PB-2. It features 4 W/G type engines with an average of 150hp each and a max speed of 90mph and an over all weight of around 4,800 lbs. It contains 3 crew men and the complicity to carry 8 passengers. It can also be fitted with 1,500 lbs bombs.

PB5-B 'Clipper' by Taylor Anderson

By author Taylor Anderson used with permission.

PB-5B Edit

The PB-5B is an upgraded version of the above but with 4 MB radial engines with an average 254hp and a max speed of 125mph, rather than the in-line W/G type. It can carry 10 passengers and/or 2,000 lb bombs.

PB-5D Edit

Preview and thus a spoiler so as to keep the spoiler separate for those not wanting spoilers I put it in separate entry. For those wishing to be spoiled, see PB-5D "Clipper"


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