Warning Spoilers through Straits of Hell.
Mice 4

The Mice, Isak Reuben, 'Tabby' Tab-At, and Gilbert Yager in Walker's boiler room circa Crusade.

The Mice, or the white mice, or Walker's mice, was the nickname of two of Walker's insular firemen, Isak Reuben and Gilbert Yager. Due to their narrow faces, white snipe pallor, and unfriendliness, the other snipes began to call them the White Mice. In Crusade, 'Tabby' Tab-At joined the group. Isak and Gilbert are half brothers, having the same mother but different fathers.

They were split up in Maelstrom and as of Straits of Hell, Isak and Tabby remain on Walker, while Gilbert is on CV-4 Maaka-Kakja.

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