Seen Maelstrom

Distant Thunders

Deadly Shores

Mentioned Into the Storm
Type Island
Location Near Africa
Inhabitants Celestial Mother
Warning may contain spoilers through Straits of Hell.
Grik Mada-gaas-gar from Deadly Shores

Map of Grik Mada-gaas-gar (Madagascar) from Deadly Shores page XXI shows the location of the Capital and three major cities on the west coast.

Grik Map

Grik Map showing Madagascar taken during the Battle of the Stones from Into the Storm page X.

Madagascar , Mada-gaas-gar in Lemurian, was probably the original home of the Lemurians. They fled west after the Grik discovered them. The Grik moved their capital to the island.

In Deadly Shores Grand Alliance forces occupy Grik City following the First Battle of Grik City.

In Straits of Hell they defend Grik City in the Second Battle of Grik City.

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