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Type Macchi-Messerschmitt
Loyalty League of Tripoli

Messerschmidtt BF 109 in Italian Livery.  Model and (C) by Anthony Manzoli.  Used as a stand in for the Macchi-Messerxchmitt in the Destroyermen Series.  Kurokawa's had red roundels painted over the Italian marking, but probably some bleed through.

A Macchi-Messerschmitt is a single-engine fighter aircraft used by League of Tripoli.

Macchi Messerschmitt MMe 109D w Meatball

Maccchi-Messhershmitt by Loupy 5919

History Edit

This fighter was designed and produced in League's Origin World by the cooperation between Italian aircraft company Aeronautica Macchi and German Messerschmitt AG. Unknown number of such fighters was transferred with CES invasion fleet. Six fighters of this class were loaned to Kurokawa's Japanese Empire on Zanzibar.

Specifications Edit

Engine Edit

Italian-build crafts are fitted with a Spanish Hispano Suiza engines [DD Hb. P 149].

Weaponry Edit

As described, the Macchi-Messerschmitt is armed with two large-calibre machineguns (12.7-mm or 13-mm) over the engine, and two wing-mounted light machinegun (7.7-mm). {Note this may be an error as initially the Messerschmitt had the small MGs in front of the pilot, and the large ones in the wings.}

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