Newly Introduced Characters BITW: Edit

  • Niri-Aani Shee-ree People youngling female assigned to carry Dennis Silva's Doom Stomper and it's ammunition. She flies with him to Grik City aboard a captured Grik Zeppelin.
  • Samuel Hudgens a New United States Navy lieutenant (XO) aboard the heavy frigate NUSS Congress. [BITW Hb. p. 89]
  • Ixtli a young Holy Dominion Jaguarnista rebel who speaks English. Taught by Captain Anson [BITW Hb p. 72-73].
  • Kaam Captain of the Guard, Naa-kaani Clan of the Shee-ree People. Leader of a group of hunters sent to find Chack-Sab-At's recruiting party. He leads the allied Clans in an attack on the Grik under Dennis Silva as a diversion while Chack leads the party to Capture the Grik steam tugs and barges and free Lemurian Slaves.
  • Lef-ten-aant Lemurian name of a South African flier, real name unknown. He was the only survivor of a plane crash who befriended the Naa-kaani Clan of the Shee-ree People. He later died, probably of appendicitis, but not before improving the Clan's English. His last act was to shoot the plane's radio least his friends bring unwanted guests. []BITW Chap 17]
  • Emmanuel del Rio Negro introduced and captured by Fred Reynolds and Kari-Faask in Blood in the Water. Partially successful Holy Dominion Ambassador to the Grik, but contacted the League of Tripoli. [BITW Hb. p. 86]
  • Ulysses Locke Lieutenant in NUS Navy, tall with red mutton-chop side burns, aboard NUSS Zachary Taylor, a graduate of the Mobile Naval Academy (Asylum).[BITW Hb. p.220]
  • Ror'at-Raal leader of the Naa-kaani Clan of the Shee-ree People. Described as brindled furred, obese, with a leather breechcloth and looking like a younger Kaam. After much persuasion he commits to attacking the Grik [BITW Chapter 19
  • Commodore (?) Semmes a Captain in charge of a New United States Squadron of two Ships of the line and four frigates with ship of the line NUSS Zachary Taylor as his Flagship. [BITW Chapter 18]
  • Shighat Regent Consort of Persia an ancient Grik. A friend of Regent Consort Ragak of Sofesshk of similar conservative views. Killed when General Halik's army defeated his. [BITW Hb. p. 161]
  • Sigg Captain in Halik's Grik Army. [BITW Hb. p. 122]
  • Kek-Taal Admiral commanding TF Alden aboard USS Baalkpan Bay CV-5. Died with his ship.
  • Ezra Willis captain of NUSS Congress, a portly hawk-beaked man who tells Fred Reynolds and Kari-Faask of the New United States. [BITW Hb. p. 166]
  • Ximen an elderly Holy Dominion Christian rebel [BITW Hb p.71].
  • Yikkit, Grik new style General trained by General Esshk under Shighat who transfers his loyalty to General Halik [BITW Hb. p. 164]

Vessels Newly Introduced in BITW: Edit

  • IRIS Akagi, Grik/Japanese carrier (CV) survivor of the Battle of Second Madras Convoy (TF Alden) [BITW Chapter 30]
  • USS Andamaan She was a protected seaplane tender with the gun deck removed and also carried troops. She could carry 20 Pb-1B 'Nancys' or 6 PB-5 'Clippers.' She could also carry troops. She was built from a captured Grik BB, Grik boilers and engines replaced. She had folding hanger doors bow and stern and catapults to launch aircraft, and cranes for their recovery. [BITW Hb. p. 97] Sunk in Kurokawa's attack.
  • NUSS Congress heavy steam frigate of the New United States Navy [BITW Hb. p. 89].
  • USS James Ellis named for Jim Ellis new Walker clone the first steel ship built by the alliance. [BITW Hb. p. 88]
  • USS Garan-Erris named for Geran-Eras new Walker clone the second steel ship built by the alliance. [BITW Hb. p. 88] Presumed sunk in Kurokawa's attack.
  • NUSS Eric Holland (Holly) a steam/sail fast steamer armed with 54 guns the largest being six inch eighty-pounder rifles. [BITW Hb. p. 219]
  • IRIS Kaga,Grik/Japanese carrier (CV) sunk at the Battle of Second Madras Convoy (TF Alden) [BITW Chapter 30]
  • Leopardo Leone-class esploratori (Italian origin) 372 feet (109.4 m x ) long by 34 feet (10 m) beam Weight 2,600 Tons. Twin screws with a maximum speed of 30 knots. Armament : 8 x 120 mm (4.9 "), 6 x 20mm (0.8 "), and 4, 21" Torpedo Tubes. Complement: 210 officers and men. [BITW Hb. p. 420]
  • IRIS Soryu, Grik/Japanese carrier (CV) sunk at the Battle of Second Madras Convoy (TF Alden) [BITW Chapter 30]
  • USS Sular "troop transport capable of transporting two thirds of First Corps, and her sides covered by sliding racks that could drop up to a hundred stacked dories." Grik boilers and engines replaced. [BITW Hb. p. 97]
  • USS Tarakaan Island SPD (Self Propelled Dry-dock) was loaded with a squadron of 20 PT boats half of Third Corps tons of supplies, field artillery, ammunition, etc. [BITW Hb. p. 95]
  • NUSS Zachary Taylor a steam/sail fast steamer armed with 54 guns the largest being six inch eighty-pounder rifles.

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