(L) Lemurian, (H) Human, (R) Reptialian, and (G) Grik.  Also [page number DD ARC]

Uaa-Saan-Mar (L)(f) Letts family Nanny, one armed Marine Veteran of Battle of Rangoon with three children of her own looking after Letts human daughter and two adopted female Lemurians. [20]

Capitaine de Fregata Ciano (H) Italian Leaguer is the Captain of Leppardo (Leopardo)[53].

Heraad-Naar (L) is Meksnaak’s closest diplomatic advisor. [69]

Laap-Zol-Jeks (L) is yellow and orange furred civilian ‘Cat wearing a brown and red plaid kilt.  He’s the Chief Machinist Baalkpan Boiler and Machine Company. [91]

Ru-Fet ‘Ruffy’ (L) former sailor SMS Amerika  [230]. Dead [426]

Eaan-Dat ‘Eddie (L) former sailor SMS Amerika [230]. Dead [344]

Bele (H) commander of 23 Legion’s senior Cohort, a tall Black man [248].

Lok-Fon (L) Colonel of 23 ed Legion.  She is replaced with Bekiaa-Sab-At when she complains of Bekiaa turning over her wagon to make a breast work in a Grik sneak attack.

Tinaas-Kus (L?)(f) Senior Centurion Third Cohort 23rd Legion [258]

General Taal (L?) commander of cavalry [265]

General Modus (H) commander Republic Third Army [262].

Francisco Abuello Falto (H), was the Capitan DeCobeta or captain of Nationalist Spanish destroyer Antúnez.[297] dies [300]

Casales Padilla (H) was the Teniente (Lieutenant) and XO of Nationalist Spanish destroyer Antúnez. [297] dies [300]

Tomas Perez Moles (H) was Alferez (Ensign) and only surviving officer of the of Nationalist Spanish destroyer Antúnez. [297]

Jack Meek (H) Optio (First Lt.) (H) Doocy Meek’s son assigned as Bekiaa-Sab-At’s aid [463].

Saansa-Belkaa (L)  Lieutenant (jg) Salissa flies recon mission over Zanzibar checking out the map left by Walbert Fiedler.  She is killed by League Macchi-Messerschmitt (Itialian version ME-109 with an Italian engine) [134-144&145] See also the Zanzibar map [154].

Sori-Maai (L) is the Surgeon Lt. (jg) aboard USS Donaghey, “... a burly teddy bear of a ‘Cat ...” [130&464]

Mak-Araa (L) Lt. (jg) aboard USS Donaghey was made XO after “Sammy’s” death and given command of prize Dominion frigate Matarife [131&463]

Haana-Lin-Naar (L) (f) Lieutenant in command of USS Donaghey’s Marines [115&464].

Koor-Susk (L) Republic Cat was a Kapitan Leutnant in the Republic of Real People, is now the Sailing Master aboard USS Donaghey [115 & 464].

Pol-Heena (L) Republic Cat is a Tribune (Major) aboard USS Donaghey [464].

Oolak (R) First North Borneo Sergeant

Rini-Kanaar (L) (f) Lieutenant (jg) was XO MTB Lucky Seven.  She was studying to be a sky priest [353].  She was killed by machine gun fire [359].

Haan-Dar “Lucky Handy” (L) Lieutenant (jg) commands Ron 1’s # 4 boat. Living or dead?

Tass (R) First North Borneo Corporal [399] Legs hurt and jaw broken [425] dies [426]

Minaa (L) (m) is the only surviving Shee-ree crew ‘cat of Silva’s Zeppelin.

Charlie Murphy (H) (m) Former Machinist USS Canopus, prisoner Mizuki Maru, but now best Civilian Machinist in Baalkpan. [34]

Hara Mikawa is the captain of Kurokawa's flag ship HIJMS . in other words a combination of Admiral Mikawa from "our" IJN and what I'm going to assume is Tamaechi Hara, the IJN Destroyer skipper who wrote a book about his service. He is introduced in Blood in the Water, however not named. Mikawa is killed in Devil's Due.

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