Warning Spoilers through Straits of Hell.
Rank Captain later Admarial of Second Fleet
Service USN
Seen Distant Thunders
Rising Tides
Iron Gray Sea
Storm Surge
Deadly Shores
Straits of Hell
Species Lemurian
Gender Female
Status Living
Job Captain DE USS Simms, in command of the aircraft carrier Maaka-Kakja (CV-4) Admiral of Second Fleet.

Lelaa-Tal-Cleraan introduced as the captain of the ship, DE USS Simms, to guard Irwin Laumer's S-19 salvage operation in Distant Thunders. She is captured by Walter Billingsly and Simms is sank with almost all hands. She escapes with Dennis Silva landing on Yap Island near the end of Distant Thunders.

Rising Tides discusses the escapees struggle to survive on Yap or 'Bugger Land' as Silva calls it, they are rescued by S-19 near the end of the book.

In Firestorm she is given command of USS Maaka-Kakja (CV-4) with Irwin Laumer as XO to teach her how to handle a powered ship. Orrin Reddy becomes her COFO, Gilbert Yager is her Enginnering Officer, and Tex Sheider of S-19 her radio operator. Dennis Silva stows away aboard. They arrive in the New Briton Isles in time to fight in the Battle of New Ireland.

In Iron Gray Sea Tex Sheider becomes XO when Laumer returns to S-19 and she become Admiral of Second Fleet under High Admiral Harvey Jenks CINCEAST the fleet relieves the Enchanted Isles.

In Storm Surge they sink the Dom Navy, attack merchant ships, and scout the Pacific coast of the Dominion. Later there are landings on the coast the most important at Guayak in Guayakwil Bay. Information about the trans oceanic passage in Costa Rica is radioed in. In the Epilog Fred Reynolds and Kari-Faask report on the Doms after their escape confirming the passage in Costa Rica.

In Deadly Shores she and Harvey Jenks discuss strategy during the Battle of Guayak. and later discuss the coming of the two orphan Queens Rebecca Anne McDonald and Saan-Kakja.

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