The Grik within the Celestial Realm often classify all other civilizations, peoples, and creatures into three categories; prey, worthy prey, and hunters.

Hunters are societies they deem to be of equal or of almost equal strength to themselves, the Grik Empire, that are worthy of their notice and may call upon them to join "The Hunt" (war) against other civilizations rather than destroy them.

As of yet it is unknown what the word for 'hunter' is in the Grik language.

Known "Hunters" Edit

  • The Republic of Real People - An envoy was dispatched to the Republic by the Grik with the hopes that the "Southern Hunters" would join them in their war against the Grand Alliance. The envoy never returned.
  • The Japanese - Their first contact with the Japanese was a failure to the Grik as the Japanese battle cruiser, the IJN Amagi, nearly destroyed an entire fleet of the Grik with little consideration. After this the Grik decided that they were worth and asked them to join the hunt.

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