Warning spoilers through Straits of Hell.

Hernan DeDivino Dicha
Rank Blood Cardinal
Service Holy Dominion
Seen Rising Tides
Iron Gray Sea
Storm Surge
Deadly Shores
Straits of Hell
Mentioned Blood in the Water
Species Human
Gender Male
Status Living
Job Ambassador to Empire of New Britain Isles in Rising Tides

Commander Army of God

Don Hernan DeDivino Dicha served as the ambassador of the Holy Dominion to the Empire of New Britain Isles in Rising Tides. He is responsible for planned take over of the Empire of the New Britain Isles, Walker'sarrivacauses the plan to be set in motion early it was foiled by the Destroyermen.

Flag of Holy Dominion

The flag of the Holy Dominion.

In Firestorm we see him in the Epilog when he started the conversion of Fred Reynolds in hopes of gaining the knowledge of 'flying machines.'

In Iron Gray Sea we see him continuing the 'conversion of Fred Reynolds.' Unfortunately for him Fred and Kari escape in the Epiloge.

In Storm Surge he is in charge of search for Fred and Kari. Also in sending an expedition to the Grik for possible allies.

In Deadly Shores in the epilog he was put in charge of the "Army of God," given the Pope's stable of Great Dragons, and collected all the Lessor Dragons (Grik Birds) from the Dominion to counteract Allied air power. Thus he is likely an important enemy character in the East.

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