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Characteristics See pics, short and long necked

Short necked gri-kakka painting by Taylor Anderson? from his site

Macroplata tenuiceps

Long necked gri-kakka by Nobu Tamura. Macroplata tenuiceps, a pliosaur from the Early Jurassic of Europe, pencil drawing. Wikipedia CC 2.5 free use with attribution.

Spoilers through Deadly Shores.

Finned Plesiosaur by Taylor Anderson

Finned Plesosaur by author Taylor Anderson

Gri-kakka is the Lemurian word for the large air breathing reptiles, the whale analogs in the Alternate world. There are two types those with long necks and those with short necks. Hunting gri-kakka for their oil is the prime income source for trade by the Lemurian homes.

In Into the Storm Pliosaurs eat Japanese crewmen from the destroyer the American destroyers sank. The Destroyermen's first clue they weren't in Kansas any more. We are introduced to the Lemurians and their word for the pliosaurs.

Chapter 3 of Deadly Shores describes a long neck gri-kakka hunt near Madras.

Gri-kakka are mentioned in all books, but the discriptions of them is best in Into the Storm and Deadly Shores.

Walker’s crew calls them “pleezy-sores;” the short necked one in painting is clearly a Liopleurodon-esque pliosaur. See for other photos and drawings and links to specific pliosaurs. Pleezy-Sore meat is often served in Walker's mess.

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