USS Benson DD-421

USS Benson (DD-421) lead ship of Benson Class DDs

USS Sims DD-409

USS Sims DD-409 lead ship of Sims class DDs

USS Benham DD-397

USS Benham DD 397 led ship Benham class DDs

Warning Deadly Shores spoiler.

Gold Platers appears in Deadly Shores Alan Letts describes the next generation of naval vessels to be built as "Four stack cruisers and genuine gold platers," so what is a gold plater? When asked Taylor Anderson noted on his discussion blog,  :

"On January 16, 2015 Taylor says:

Good WAG Charlie. “Gold Plater” was a common term among four stacker destroyermen for the newer–far more modern, roomy, and comfortable–relatively speaking–destroyers that began joining the fleet."

Like the newer Benham-class, see Sims class, see, or Benson class DDs see

Earlier classes are (Newest first) the Somers-class, Bagley-class, Gridley-class Mahan-class [named for USS Mahan DD-364 not our DD-102], Porter-class, or Farragut-class. The preceding class to the Farragut-class was the four stacker Clemson-class, the last class of "Four Pipers."

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