Seen Into the Storm
Type Home
Loyalty Lemurians
People Anai-Sa, High Chief

Fristar was a combination vessel, home and nation. It and vessels like it were referred to by the Lemurians as "homes."

Fristar was one of two homes in Baalkpan harbor when Walker and Salissa first arrived.It later left after deciding not to join the Grand Alliance's cause however it still armed itself with several canons before doing so.

We later See the Fristar again in Storm Surge (May 1944) when the Corps of Discovery discovered the Japanese destroyer, the IJN Hidoiame, anchored in Northern Borneo (Borno). The crew of the Hidoiame had captured the Fristar and its crew and was using them as slaves to extract oil. During the battle the Fristar was destroyed as its anchorage was set free and it drifted toward the anchored Hidoiame, crushing it against the beach destroying both ships. Some of the crew of the Fristar then joined the Grand Alliances cause while others decided to call Northern Borno home.