Warning Iron Gray Sea Spoilers.
First Battle of Madras
Date March 16-25, 1944
Location Off Ceylon (Saa-lon)
Victor Grik
Seen Iron Gray Sea
Allies Grand Alliance First Fleet
Enemy Grik
Saa-lon Caampayn

Map from Firestorm showing earlier battle, but First Fleet shown in approximate position near neck of Ceylon

The First Battle of Madras is the name of the sea battle between General of The Sea Hisashi Kurokawa's new Grik sea and air fleet and Admiral Keje-Fris-Ar's First Fleet. The battle was a Pyrrhic victory for Kurokawa forcing allied abandonment of Madras and isolating Pete Alden's army at Lake Flynn. The preliminary phase of the Battle was named Battle of Cape Comorin and occurred March 16-20, 1944 see Chapter 21 of Iron Gray Sea. The rest of the battle is described in Chapters 26 and 28.

Allied Losses: Edit

USS Dowden

USS Davis

Many PB-1 "Nancy"s

Grik Losses: Edit

Arata Amagi Class Battleships: Edit

Many Azuma Class Grik Cruisers, Indiamen, and Dirigibles. Edit

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