First Battle Against the Grik
Date March 1942
Location Jaava Sea
Victor Americans
Seen Into the Storm
Allies Americans (Matthew Reddy)
Lemurians (Keje-Fris-Ar)
Enemy Grik

After being unable to locate Mahan, Walker is steaming northwest when it again sees the large vessel and its crew of lemur-like beings. The large vessel is engaged in a battle against six smaller vessels that resemble East Indiamen with crews of terrible lizards. Matthew Reddy is tempted to avoid becoming involved in a battle about which he knows nothing until one of the smaller vessels breaks away from the larger vessel and attacks the Americans.

Reddy reacts to their shots and opens fire on the vessel and its crew. Ultimately, five of the six East Indiamen are sunk and their crews eaten by the voracious fish. The last East Indiaman breaks off its attack and flees the scene of the battle. Reddy orders Walker to pursue but, seeing fires on the large vessel, returns to help with damage control. The East Indiaman escapes.

Aboard the large vessel—SalissaChack-Sab-At is amazed at the power of the vessel that has come to the aid of his home. Keje-Fris-Ar, the high chief of Salissa is relieved that the People finally have help in their fight against the Grik.

The following morning, Reddy, Courtney Bradford, Sandra Tucker, Fitzhugh Gray, Dennis Silva and Tamatsu Shinya cross to Salissa and meet with Adar and Keje-Fris-Ar. During the meeting, Adar and Keje-Fris-Ar speak to each other in the language of the ancient scrolls. Shinya recognizes the language as Latin and is able to communicate with them.

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