WARNING Blood in the Water Spoilers.
Seen Straits of Hell epilog
Blood in the Water
Allies unknown
Enemies non Erokighaani
The Erokighaani are a number of Lemurian tribes located within central Madagascar who share a common goal; to hide from the Grik.

They are considered primitive by nature and are also hostile as they are known to partake in rituals such as cannibalism and torture. They are enemies with their neighboring tribe, the Shee-ree.

Encounter with the Grand Alliance Edit

The Grand Alliance sent an expedition down the Mango river into central Madagascar in order to make contact with the Lemurian's ancient ancestors with the hope of aiding them with their conquest of the Grik Empire, the expedition consisted of Courtney Bradford, Dennis Silva, Lawrence, Chack-Sab-At, Ian Miles, and several other persons. They first encountered the Erokighaani who flayed an Imperial Sargent, McGinnis alive out of the rest of the expeditions view. The expedition proceeded and eventually saved a number of the tribal members by killing a Super Lizard. The original verbal contact with the Erokighaani was considered unfavorable as they wished only to gain the Alliances "magic" for their own agenda rather than helping them, it was also discovered that the Erokighaani tribes had no interest in aiding a war against the Grik however it was this contact that the Erokighaani informed the Alliance of the Shee-ree tribe to the west.

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