(Cat)echism of Destroyermen Cat(ch) phrases and euphemisms and epithets that one might find in the constantly evolving common language and lexicon of both American English and Cat-Lemurian:

Cat of the nine tails, Cat’s Meow, Cat’s Pajamas, Fat Cat,

Cat Show, Dead Cat, Dead Cat Bounce, Crazy Cat, Hep Cat,

Kitten(Kabooble), Mr. or Mrs. Uncle Whiskers, Cat’s Eye,

Purring like a Kitten, Cat Fight, Dit-Dash Kitty, Cats Paw,

Twin Tailed Cat, Feed The Kitty, The (Kat)zenjammer Kitties,

Cat Haul, Cat House, (Cat)tle Car, (Kitty) Tent, Cat Gut, Cast a Kitten,

(Cat) Around, (Cat) Nap, (Cat)’s atrophe, (Cat)Tails, Pussyfoot Around, Puss,

Ping Ping Kitty, Blip (Cat), (Cat)s Cradle, (Cat)s Ear,(Cat)alina Flying Boat (PBY),


Some of the more obvious answers and definitions

(Kitty) Tent =  2-Person Pup Tent 

Kitty Litter  = Stretcher –Stretcher bearer, Corpsman/Corpscat-Medic

Ack-Ack Cat =  Anti-aircraft/Anti-dragon Gun operator

Ping-Ping Kitty = Sonar Operator

Blip (Cat) = Radar Operator

Dit-Dash Kitty = Radio Operator

(Cats) Cradle = Seaman’s Bunk- Hammock

(Cat) House  = Ship’s Washroom/Lavatory/ Head

Fat (Cat) = Ship’s Paymaster and Finance Officer

(Cat’s) Eye = Sharpshooter/Sniper-Sapper, Lookout

Cat’s Pajamas = Enlisted, Non Commissioned Officers and Officers Uniforms

Cat’s Meow = Ship’s Talker/Helmsman

Cat Show = Routine NCO or Officer’s Inspection

Hep Cat = Intelligence Officer

Purring Like A Kitten = When both engines of a two engine aircraft are operating

nominally and in synchronization. Aka, any engine that is operating and is running

within acceptable technical specifications.

Cat’s Ear = Radio Direction Finder/Radio Headset

Cat Gut = Intuitive Feeling

Cat’s Paw = Handshake/ Hand Salute

Dead Cat Bounce = Rough sea landing of amphibious aircraft-Flying Boat or PBY

Hip Cat  = Newly Commissioned NCO or Officer

(Cattle)Car = Landing Craft/Whaleboat-Freighter/Transport/Cargo Aircraft

Pussyfoot Around = Picket-Skirmishers/ Standing Guard-Doing Guard Duty

Feed the Kitty = Ship’s Mess/ Mess Hall

(Kitten)Kabooble  = Ship’s or any military unit’s assigned and specified T.O. and E. equipment. Individual soldier’s field gear and equipment contents found in back pack.

Catnip = Stimulant -Alcoholic Substitute

Cast a Kitten = Take a Chance/Gamble

Cat Haul = Quick March/ Doubletime March

S(Cat)ter Gun = Shotgun carrying rifleman/combat soldier

Scratching Post = Climbing the masts of a wind powered sailing vessel

(Cat)bird Seat = Pilot’s Chair/ Left seat in cockpit of an airplane

(Cat)acombs = Interior workings / Bowels of a ship

Pole Cat = Ships Carpenter

Va(cat)e = Go on leave/Shore leave /liberty –3 Day Pass

Top Cat = Senior Non-Commissioned Officer or Officer of a Combat Unit

Striped Cat = Ratings and Seniority of any Enlisted, Non-commissioned and Commissioned man or cat

(Cat) Call = Talk Between Ships- Communications message

(Cat)tail = Reports-Paperwork Generator

Sta(Cat)to = Firing a short burst from a machine gun-Machine gun fire

Furball Cat = Ball Turret gunner/operator

Twin-tail Cat = Tail Gunner/operator

Copy Cat = Company or ships clerk

Cat Fish =  Torpedo man/cat Operator-To scrounge and obtain surreptitiously

Twin Tailed Cat = Medium Bomber aka B-25 Mitchell or B-26, P-38 Lightning

Or PBY Catalina Flying Boat of various configurations


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