Warning Spoilers through Devil's Due.

Dennis Silva
Rank Gunner's Mate 2c later Chief Gunner on Walker
Service USN
Seen Into the Storm
Distant Thunders
Rising Tides
Iron Gray Sea
Storm Surge
Deadly Shores
Straits of Hell
Blood in the Water
Devil's Due
Species Human
Gender Male
Status Living
Relationships Risa-Sab-At
Pam Cross
Job #1 Gun Captain later Chief Gunner
Dennis Silva with Pam and Risa

Dennis Silva with Pam Cross and Risa-Sab-At.  Art (C) by Snoeplau  Title "D-Men02," used with permission.

Dennis Silva was a good Destroyerman on duty, but easily bored and given to misbehavior as a result. Since his time on the 'alternate earth' he has found an outlet for his destructive energy and has become something of a living legend. A master of small arms, and capable of imaginatively lethal close combat, he is known for his prowess on the battlefield.

As Pam Cross once states a born 'navy man' he respects the chain of command (even if he is known to 'occasionally' ignore orders). If he likes and respects you he follow you into the jaws of hell itself. Silva is fiercely loyal to his ship Walker and Commander Reddy. Silva was born in Alabama and has grown up to be highly self-sufficient. His parents, at Matt and Sandra's wedding he identifies his parents as Stanley and Willa Silva [I.G.S. Pb. p. 99], died of the influenza and he lived with an uncle who mistreated him. When he joined the Navy, his life became very different and he made a few friends when he was at the China Station, one of which was a marine who comes aboard the Japanese POW ship into the New Earth. Silva is described as a huge, strong man with blonde hair, cut short. He earned his most famous injury while fighting the Grik and the Japanese battle cruiser Amagi. A projectile splinter destroyed his left eye, and he now wears an eye patch over the injury. Yet, despite the injury, he's still an above average sniper with his old 'Doom Whopper', a huge rifle made from a Japanese anti-aircraft gun that fires a bullet of 1 inch caliber

Dennis Silva refereed to Abe “The Newsboy” a boxer in a Destroyermen book [DT P. p. 332] as someone who could beat him in a fair fight, and reading stories about him as his reason for joining the navy. Abe's story is interesting see: Abe was given free passage on Navy ships by order of President Theodore Roosevelt. He ran a bum boat operator selling papers and magazines and giving boxing lessons to sailors, and a boxer. He wrote an autobiography published in 1930.

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