Spoilers Straits of Hell.
Dalibor Svec
Rank colonel
Service Brotherhood of Volunteers
Seen Deadly Shores
Straits of Hell
Species Human
Gender Male
Status Living

Dalibor Svec is is the leader of the Brotherhood of Volunteers. Formerly a member of the Czech Legion who came through the only know land transfer. The Brotherhood of Volunteers, often called Czechs, is made up of former members of the Czech Legion and Continental Lemurians who formerly lived in northern India. Their riding beasts have three horns and are herbivores perhaps a decedent of triceratops.

He probably has a son: Blood in the Water page 118, "A slightly ... Oriental version of the older man [Dvalibor Svec]." he [Niwa] said quietly to himself. "his, ah, hatchling, I suspect," he added loader for Halik's benefit.  He shook his head. "There is always something new," he said cryptically, "and of course the Czechs found women somewhere, at some time, but who were they?"