Warning Spoilers through Blood in the Water.

DP1M1 Torpedo bomber
Seen Straits of Hell
Blood in the Water
Type DP1M1 Torpedo/Bomber.
Loyalty Grik/Japanese Under Hisashi Kurokawa
People Hideki Muriname designer
The DP1M1 Torpedo bomber has the following
Taylor's Japanese Torpedo bomber

Taylor's drawing for the cover artists of Blood in the Water.

specifications: 2 x 9 cyl 380 HP radials. Maxspead 180mph, Max. weight 3,600 lbs. crew 3 Armament 1 type 89 mg (copy) 7.7 x 58 mm SR cal.* 1 torpedo or 1,000 lbs bombs. *Note: No MG of any type is available to any Grik other than those under the command of Hisashi Kurokawa on his ships, or the island of Zanzabar. [BITW ARC p 419].
DP1M1 bomber

DP1M1 twin-engine medium bomber/torpedo bomber portion of Blood in the Water cover art.

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