Allied Characters Edit

Non-POV Edit

Name Rank/Rating Service Position Assignment Race
Tassat-Ay-Aracca High Chief Nerracca Lemurian
'Tabby' Tab-At Apprentice Fireman Walker Lemurian
Gandy Bowles Ordnance Striker USN Master Gunner Revenge Human
Perry Brister Lieutenant USN Chief Engineer Baalkpan Human
Sonny Campeti USN Master of Arms Walker Human
Russell Clancy Radioman 1c USN Commo Officer Walker Human
Pam Cross Ensign USN Nurse Mahan Human
Larry Dowden Lieutenant USN Executive Officer Walker Human
Geran-Eras High Chieftess Humfra-Dar Lemurian
Al Franklin Quartermaster's Mate 2c USN Mahan Human
Selass-Fris-Ar Salissa Lemurian
Greg Garrett Lieutenant USN Gunnery Officer Walker Human
Fitzhugh Gray Chief Bosun's Mate USN Senior NCO Walker Human
Norman Kutas Quartermaster's Mate 2c USN Walker Human
Dean Laney Machinist's Mate USN Walker Human
Earl Lanier USN Cook Walker Human
Juan Marcos Steward USN Officer's Steward Walker Human
Blas-Ma-Ar Striker 2nd Marines Lemurian
Kathy McCoy Ensign USN Nurse Mahan Human
Nakja-Mur High Chief Baalkpan Lemurian
Naga High Sky Priest Baalkpan Lemurian
Ed Palmer Signalman USN Navigator PBY Human
Kas-Ra-Ar (Sailing Master) Sailing Master Revenge Lemurian
Pak-Ras-Ar Ordnance Striker Walker Lemurian
Fred Reynolds Seaman USN Bridge Talker Walker Human
Steve Riggs PO 1c USN Communications Officer Baalkpan Human
Anai-Sa High Chief Fristar Lemurian
Ramic-Sa-Ar High Chief Aracca Lemurian
Risa-Sab-At Lemurian
Bernard Sandison Lieutenant (jg) USN Torpedo Officer Walker Human
Frankie Steel Bosun's Mate USN Walker
Karen Theimer Letts Ensign USN Nurse Walker Human
Jis-Tikkar Co-pilot PBY Lemurian
Gilbert Yager Fireman USN Fireman Walker Human

Non-allied Characters Edit

POV Edit

Name Rank Service Position Assignment Race
Rasik-Alcas Prince
Aryaal Lemurian
Mank-Lar Soldier Aryaal Lemurian

Non-POV Edit

Name Rank Service Position Assignment Race
King, Aryaal
Haakar-Faask (General)
General and Queen's Bodyguard, B'mbaado
Lord, Aryaal
Safir Maraan (The Orphan Queen)
Queen Protector, B'mbaado

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