Warning Spoilers through Straits of Hell.
Browning Model 1917A1 Machine Gun

Browning Machine Gun Model 1917A1 Note wooden carrying handle shown often "lost" in service.

Val Browning M1917

Val Browning demonstrating the operation of his father's Machine Gun in WW I. Shows tripod mount and 'doughboy' helmets used by the Destroyermen and Lemurian troops.

PB-5D by Taylor Anderson

Author Taylor Anderson's drawing of a PB-5D "clipper" armed with Browning Machine Guns M-1918s as defensive armament, note stacked engines.

The Browning Machine Gun M-1917 is a fabric belt fed .30-06 450 round/min, 600 round/min for M1917A1, the first locally made copies were used in Straits of Hell. Several came with the Destroyermen, the water cooled version needs less robust steel than the air cooled version and was adopted. The weight of the MG tripod mount , water, and two Ammo cans is 103 pounds. More specifications see

There is talk of making a stacked engined larger P-1D mounting two of the guns, and a larger PB-5D bomber using stacked engines see bottom illustration showing Taylor Anderson's Drawing.

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