The Blitzer Bug is a submachine gun made in Baalikpan it fires the .45 APC cartridge and uses twenty round magazines the same as the Thompson machine guns brought through the storm. Described more fully by Taylor Anderson on his blog as an M-3 'Grease Gun' with wooden stock with thumb hole. Currently it is the only fully automatic weapon in the Allied inventory being locally made. Introduced during Torpedo Day in Firestorm. Used in the battle at Lake Flynn by Fifth Division under Captain Saachik and by nurse Pam Cross with the Corps of Discovery in Storm Surge. Pam Cross uses her Bitizer Bug again in Deadly Shores. They are used to arm the PB-1B 'Nancies' backseaters in Deadly Shores.

A modified version with larger magazine arms the P-1 Mosquito Hawks mounted in the wheel pants. Also introduced during Torpedo Day in Firestorm and, see their fist action in Storm Surge.

Blitzer Bug jpeg

My modification of the main photo of M-3 grease gun from Wikipedia entry of the M3 submachine gun, see, into a Blitzer Bug

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