Warning Spoiler Rising Tides.
Battle of Raan-goon
Date September? ?, 1943
Location Raan-goon
Victor American/Lemurian Alliance
Seen Rising Tides
Allies American/Lemurian Alliance
Enemy Grik
September 1943 (presumably)

The shore of Raan-goon was attacked under the cover of darkness on the early mornings of September 1943, by American, Baalkpan, B'mbaadan, and Aryaalan troops. The Alliances cover was blown prematurely but due to the early morning hours, the smoke mixing with the fog and darkness, and the unfamiliar sound and sight of cannon rounds, the Grik troops struggled to maintain organization throughout the battle.

Upon investigation it was determined that Raan-goon was once a large, organized, and busy Grik harbor, however once the Grik expanded past it into Jaava the forces at Raan-goon were left behind and the site of the harbor "was a wreak even before the landing forces arrived". Due to the utter lack of organization of the Grik, eventually, as the battle wore on into the day, some of the Grik forces, for the first time, offered to join the allied "hunt against the Grik." This was refused nor would the Grik surrender, their civilian translator, Hij Geerki, surrendered. The battle is described in Chapter 11 of Rising Tides [PB p 127-168].

The battle of Raan-goon was successful attempted by the Alliance to secure a closer port to the front line and to ensure that there would be no flanking attack against the Alliance's stonghold at Andaman island once the forces moved to conquer Ceylon. It was the first battle to see the use of allied aircraft carrier planes PB-1B "Nancy"s bombing the enemy.

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