Warning spoilers through Straits of Hell.
Battle of Malpelo
Date September 14, 1944
Location Off Malpelo Island
Victor Alliance
Seen Straits of Hell
Allies Alliance's Second Fleet
Enemy Holy Dominion's fleet
Localisation de l'ile de Clipperton

French map you can see Malpelo Island below the word COLOMBIE between the first O and the L.

The Battle of Malpelo was a major fleet action between the Alliance's Second Fleet and the Fleet of the Holy Dominion. Both fleets were rendered near combat ineffective, but can be considered an Alliance Victory.

Prior to the battle Task Force 11 (TF-11) under Admiral E. B. Hibbs was sent to find the Dominion Fleet at El Passo De Fuego. They met the fleet at sea and in a fighting withdrawal met the rest of Second Fleet off the Island of Malpelo.

The Grik Bird air power of the Dominion was whittled down to nothing, but the Alliance air power was greatly reduced also. Almost all ships were damaged, many sinking.

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