Warning Crusade Spoilers.
Battle of B'mbaado Bay
Date  ? 1942
Location B'mbaado Bay
Victor Grand Alliance
Seen Crusade
Allies The Human-Lemurian Alliance
preceding the Grand Alliance
Enemy Grik
Crusade Illustration

Map / Illustration from Crusade. USS Walker and the Homes shown in lower right drawing.

The Battle of B'mbaado Bay was the night time sea battle before the Battle of Aryaal.

Order of Battle:

Human-Lemurian Alliance Ships: Revenge a canon armed captured Grik Indiaman representing Baalkpan, USS Walker, the canon armed Homes Salissa, Arracca, Nerracca, Humfra-Dar, and Fristar, with 40 of Baalkpan's lagrest feluccas [C Pb p 47].

Grik: A Pride Pack expedition's ships at anchor consisting of around 30-40 typical Grik Indiamen. Note the Grik ships were bombarding Aryaal with Grik Fire before the battle.

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