Warning Spoilers Crusade.
Battle of Aryaal
Date November? ?, 1942
Location Aryaal
Victor Human/Lemurian Alliance
Seen Crusade
Allies Human/Lemurian Alliance
Enemy Grik
First Stainless Banner of the Trees

The Battle of Araayl was the first appearance of the Stainless Banner of the Trees.

Crusade Illustration

Map / Illustration from Crusade. Drawing in upper left shows the Battle of Araayl

Minature Marines at the Battle of Aryaal

The Battle of Aryaal pitted the Human/Lemurian Alliance against the Grik attacking Aryaal. It was the first major ground operation to be conducted by the Grand Alliance and marks the first pitched battle to be fought between the Grik Empire and the Alliance. Despite superior Grik numbers, The mixture of Lemurian and American troops were able to achieve a decisive victory, routing the Grik army. However, due to steep casualties and the betrayal of the Aryaal King, Fet-Alcas, the alliance army was forced retreat. Lord Muln-Rolak and many other Aryaalians with Queen Safir Maraan and her 600 B'mbaado troops finally broke out to finally turn the tide causing the Grik to rout giving a costly Victory.

Order of Battle

The Alliance ground force was comprised of eight thousand guards and marines, drawn from lemurians in Baalkpan, as well as Salissa and other Homes. There were eight regiments present, including the 4th guards,

In addition to infantry, the Alliance also employed four two piece batteries of light six pounder cannon.

In Aryaal itself, Muln-Rolak had a undisclosed number of troops manning the walls, presumably predominatly Aryallian. The Aryaalan forces were able to set aside some 1300? hundered soldiers to take part in the sally force. The Queen of B'mbaado was also present inside Aryaal, and commanded her personal guard of six hundered elites.

The Grik army assaulting Aryaal was comprised of numerous warriors and crew of the fleet that was destroyed prior to the battle during the Battle of B'mbaado Bay.

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