Warning Spoilers through Straits of Hell.
Antonio Rizzo
Rank Maggiore
Service Italian Areonautica Militaire League of Tripoli
Seen Straits of Hell
Blood in the Water
Devil's Due
Species Human
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Job Left in command in Zanzibar

Maggiore Antonio Rizzo Italian Areonautica Militaire League of Tripoli representative to Hisashi Kurokawa [SoH Hb. p xix, 9]

Flag Parti Populaire Français

Flag Parti Populaire Français and flag of League of Tripoli

In Blood in the Water he welcomes Sandra to Zanzibar.

In Devil's Due he is the League of Tripoli's ambassador to Kurokawa, and in command of six Macchi-Messerschmitts the League lent Kurokawa. He is shot by Kurokawa near the end of Devil's Due. He told Sandra that he had a way off the island.

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