Akagi-class carrier
RC Grik CV
Seen Blood in the Water
Type Japanese/Grik ship type
Loyalty Hisashi Kurokawa
The Akagi class Carrier is a fleet aircraft carrier, based on the Arata Amagi class Battleship hull. Warships of this class were commissioned for service by the forces of Hisashi Kurokawa's Japanese Empire in Zanzibar. They currently represent the pinnacle of Grik naval development.

History Edit

During the India Campaign, the aerial superiority of Alliance carrier-based aviation became a major concern for the Grik Navy. While some air defense measures were taken, Griks - and mainly, their Japanese ally Hisashi Kurokawa - badly underestimated the scale of Alliance aviation program. This led to serious losses (especially in transport and escort units) and hampered Grik efforts to retake India.

When the need for descent aerial support for the fleet became apparent, Kurokawa had already taken steps successfully misleading Grik Empire about the impossibility of production heavier-than-air aircraft with their industrial base, Kurokawa covertly started the airplane development in Zanzibar, using the remaining scout plane from IJN "Amagi" as prototype. By late 1944, the airplane program moved far enough to be possible to create naval aviation of Japanese/Grik's own carrier fleet.

Design Edit

The "Akagi"-class carriers are based on the hull of "Arata Amagi"-class ironclad battleship. During reconstruction, their artillery and heavy casemate were removed, and flat flight deck were installed. There is no enclosed hangar, the planes are stored beneath the flight deck.

To accomodate flight operations, the four funnels of basic battleship design were moved to the starboard side, and small "island" with tripod mast was installed in the central part.

The machinery of "Akagi"-class carriers were improved, and the carriers are capable of 14 knots top speed. These ships are oil fired.

Service: Edit

In Blood in the Water three carriers IRIS Akagi, IRIS Kaga, IRIS Soryu. launched a successful surprise attack on TF Alden, later two of the three carriers were sunk by Ben Mallory's P-40Es only IRIS Akagi survived.

Ships in class: Edit

IRIS Akagi the only survivor of three carriers attacking TF Alden at the Battle of Second Madras Convoy .

IRIS Kaga one of three carriers attacking TF Alden at the Battle of Second Madras Convoy sunk by Union P-40Es.

IRIS Soryu one of three carriers attacking TF Alden at the Battle of Second Madras Convoy sunk by Union P-40Es.

Two unnamed carriers nearing completion are mentioned in Blood in the Water.

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