'Tabby' Tab-At
Nickname Tabby
Rank Lieutenant
Service US Navy Clan
Seen Into the Storm
Distant Thunders
Rising Tides
Iron Gray Sea
Storm Surge
Deadly Shores
Mentioned Not mentioned but worked with the mice on first oil well in Into the Storm
Species Lemurian
Gender Female
Status Living
Relationships Sweet on Brad McFarlane
Job Engineering officer USS Walker

Warning spoilers through Straits of Hell.

' Tabby' Tab-At is a female Lemurian from Salissa, a cousin of Chack-Sab-At and Risa-Sab-At. She worked with the Mice on the first oil well and followed them into the fire room of USS Walker. Amber-eyed with gray, brindled fur she is often described as "pin-up in a cat suit," in the books.

She first appears in in the books in Crusade where she became one of the 'mice'. She enjoys going topless much to 'Spanky' Brad McFarlane's discomfort. She is sweet on "her Spanky' much to his further discomfort. She is promoted to boiler room chief in Distant Thunders. After saving the ship during a storm and recovering from bad steam burns, she becomes Walker's engineering officer, Lieutenant Tab-At, in Rising Tides when Spanky becomes the XO. She is Walker's first and only Lemurian officer.

'Tabby' is a capable hard worker and teacher, but gets a touch of reality losing snipes in a fight in USS Walker's below-deck spaces in Deadly Shores where she is a fierce if inexperienced fighter.

Tab-At by MiesterZef

Tabby as she appeared in Crusade in "T" shirt and bell bottom dungarees art by MiesterZef link to art on Deviant Art:

ZZ Lt Tab-At by zenzmurfy

Lieutenant Tb-At saluting in front of one of Walker's Boilers One of two drawings made for me by my friend Mike Ling, site name Zenzmurfy on Deviant Art. Note lightened fur above her steam scars. See ZZ Lt_Tab-At at

Spanky and Tab-At by Zenznurfy

Drawing by my friend Mike Ling AKA Zenzmurfy for me of a surprised Spanky McFarlane getting chaste kiss from Lieutenant Tab-At Note him spewing his 'monkey joe' Tabby kisses Spanky a few times in the books although this scene is artistic license. See ZZ Spanky and Tab-At at

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